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Would you like to meet a children’s dietitian who has successfully helped families solve their nutrition problems? Whether you are worried about picky eating, food allergy or need to help your child build a healthy relationship with food,I'm here to help
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About this channel

I’m Bahee Van de Bor, Great Ormond Street Hospital for children trained specialist paediatric dietitian.  I am a private paediatric dietitian who for the past 14 years, has helped hundreds of families solve nutrition problems using my expertise, scientific knowledge, proven steps and a coaching style that will get you results.

I have authored and published two scientific articles in high ranking journals and was recently a reviewer for the first International TPN guidelines for use in the ketogenic diet.  I have been featured in the Independent and interviewed by iTV news, the Times and spoken at a number of International and national conferences.  I am currently creating a web-based application for use by families following the ketogenic diet.

In conjunction with the University of Plymouth, I have delivered a renal module in Kuwait and regularly teach for the British Dietetic Association’s Masters modules.

My clinical areas of expertise include autism, gastroenterology, surgery, renal, metabolic medicine and ketogenic diets.  You will find me in the private wing at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and at The Child and Family Practice in Bloomsbury.


What are expert consultations?

My philosophy is that for children to have the best nutrition success you need advice from a children’s nutritionist or dietitian specialising in paediatric nutrition.  To achieve results, I will provide you with relevant and suitable advice based on your child’s needs, family preferences and current guidelines across all areas of health.

Whether you are worried about extreme picky eating, food allergy or balanced eating for vegetarian and vegan diets, there is no one better placed to help you than a nutrition expert with world-class nutrition training,  qualifications and experience in paediatric nutrition.

Here’s how it works

To book an expert consultation with a child nutritionist, write to me on the chat your child’s name and what you’d like help with.  You will then be given a 60-minute consultation with me to discuss your nutrition concerns.  During the session, your child will have their height and weight measured by experienced and fully trained staff.  We will then review their growth chart.

What is the structure of an expert consultation?

I value your time so we’ll discuss your nutritional concerns straight away.  We may need to discuss your child’s medical history and symptoms in detail but this helps me get to the root of the problem.  We’ll set up strategies and goals to solve your child’s nutrition problems using winning nutrition facts and practical tips that are evidence-based but also drawn from my experience as a children’s dietitian from over the past 14 years.

To achieve your child’s nutrition goals which we will formulate together, all expert consultations will be delivered with the support of personalised resources and relevant teaching materials.  Menu planning and recipe ideas will also be discussed to ensure that you achieve your set nutrition goals.

What paediatric nutrition areas do I offer?

  • autism
  • constipation and diarrhoea
  • gastroenterology including eczema, food allergies, reflux
  • low iron
  • picky, selective eating
  • poor growth
  • in-depth expert advice in some areas of renal disease, metabolic medicine and ketogenic diet
  • vegetarian / vegan diet
  • weight control

What happens after a video expert consultation?

An individualised dietetic report will be designed and sent electronically with your child’s specific goals in mind.  I will invite you to book any further appointments with me.  To ensure that you accomplish the goals discussed, complimentary chat support is offered for the first week, which is a Monday to Friday service.

You will also be invited to join my newsletter where I send you delicious recipes and the latest nutrition hot topics.

For family or free from recipe inspiration, I invite you to join me on Instagram and Facebook.


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