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I’m Massimiliano Scalzo, Nutritionist ,I have an immense passion for nutrition. I studied Food Science and Human Nutrition and helping others discover their ideal diet based on scientific evidence, clinical experience.
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Massimiliano Scalzo, Nutritionist ,I  have an immense passion for nutrition. I studied Food Science and Human Nutrition and helping others discover their ideal diet based on scientific evidence, clinical experience, and the belief that no diet should ever make you unhappy.

Having worked in healthcare since 2008’s, I worked within conventional medical clinics developing and delivering lifestyle programmes to people attending health assessments. Since 2008 I’ve worked as a Clinical Nutritionist in private practice with responsibility for the development of nutrition related services.

My study in the science of nutrition begins at the University' of Calabria in September 2003 where in the 2003/2005 three-year period I followed degree course where I studied all the chemical and biological aspects of food such as:

  • depth knowledge on contaminants in foodstuffs, with special attention to the sources of pollution, the way in which food can be contaminated and their toxic action mechanisms;

  • Knowledge of microbiological changes, chemical and physical occurring in foods, with particular reference to the mechanisms of the reactions involved, the impact on the food matrix and nutritional implications;

  • depth knowledge of analytical chemistry, classics and instrumental methods and analysis stages.

Continued study at the University' of Perugia (Italy) from November 2005 to October 2007, where I studied nutrition and feeding my in the field physiological and pathological.

2011/2012 I followed Postgraduate Course "First Certificate of Professional Training in Eating Disorders and Obesity" Where I studied the psycho-diagnostic aspect, the cognitive strategies - behaviour and relapse prevention in adults and adolescents.

I participated in prevention activities organized in high schools and districts by promoting and disseminating scientific knowledge with respect to these issues.

I will always continue to increase my knowledge by attending current seminars and conferences as well as keeping up to date with the latest research.


Nutrition consultation

I help you gain Confidence in your food choices so, you can finally live happy and healthy life that you have always wanted. You have tried everything, you feel like you have failed, you are tired of feeling sick. ​ more

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