On.Live Privacy Policy

The following provisions constitute a privacy policy (hereinafter: “Privacy Policy”), which sets out terms and conditions of data collection, including personal data of users of the service(s) provided by OnLive LTD (hereinafter: “OnLive LTD”), and the manner of processing such data. By accepting OnLive LTD’s Terms of Service, you accept the Privacy Policy.

The entity collecting personal data

The entity collecting personal data is the Site Operator, i.e. OnLive LTD registered in Five Mile House 128 Hanbury Road, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, United Kingdom, B60 4JZ, and company number 10033768.

§ 1 Types of Data and Use Purposes

  1. OnLive LTD ensures, as far as possible, the transparency of the data collected by OnLive LTD and the manner of its use. To that end, OnLive LTD informs of the type of the following data and its purpose:
    1. data entered by the user, including the user’s personal data – upon registration, the user is asked to provide specific data, including personal data, subject to the user’s consent. In order to provide the service and perform necessary activities related to service provision, OnLive LTD processes, and makes available to other users for service provision purposes, selected data entered by the user, including personal data, subject to the user’s consent. The provided personal data may also be used to communicate with users and provide technical support.
    2. logging data – in order to enable logging on to the service, the following personal data may be used: the user’s e-mail address or telephone number.
    3. automatically collected data – OnLive LTD collects information concerning the connection of the user’s end device with OnLive LTD’s ICT system, including information concerning the computer and logging, i.e. the so called system logs, which include the date and duration of the visit, IP of the computer making the connection, and statistical data on views and site traffic.
    4. communication – in order to communicate with users, OnLive LTD may collect and store correspondence with the users. OnLive LTD may collect and store the following information: the user’s e-mail address or phone number, message content, and date and time of correspondence. Contacting OnLive LTD by phone, e-mail etc. may require providing personal data, e.g. name, e-mail address etc. The personal data provided in relation to correspondence with the users is used solely to provide technical support, answer queries, or provide information.
    5. cookie – OnLive LTD uses cookies to improve the quality of the services provided by OnLive LTD by saving user preferences. Cookies do not identify the user’s personal data and do not affect the performance of end device or its software. Cookies are chains of characters sent from OnLive LTD’s ICT system to the user’s computer upon the browser calling the website.
      1. OnLive LTD uses two main types of cookies: “session” and “permanent” cookies. “Session” cookies are temporary files stored in the user’s end device until the user leaves the website or shuts down the software. “Permanent” cookies are stored in the user’s end device for a period specified in the cookies’ settings or until deleted by the user.
      2. OnLive LTD uses:
        1. “necessary” cookies, i.e. those which enable service use, e.g. authentication cookies used for services which require authentication;
        2. cookies used to ensure security, e.g. used to detect authentication abuse as part of service provision;
        3. “performance” cookies, i.e. those which allow for collecting information on service use patterns;
        4. “functional” cookies, i.e. those which allow for saving user settings and personalising the user interface;
        5. “marketing” cookies, i.e. those which enable the delivery of advertising content to users, more aligned with their preferences and interests.
      3. OnLive LTD collects the information from cookies for its own use.
      4. OnLive LTD informs that cookies may also come from third parties, e.g. entities conducting advertising campaigns commissioned by advertisers.
      5. Cookies will only work when accepted by the browser and not deleted from the hard disk.
      6. In many cases, the software used to browse websites (browsers) accepts, by default, storing cookies in the user’s end device.
      7. In addition to cookies, OnLive LTD uses other technologies for storing the data saved during the use of the services provided, e.g. Local Storage technology, which enables storage of data in a dedicated part of the browser’s memory or additional modules which expand the browser’s functional capabilities (the so called plug-ins). In principle, Local Storage is similar, in terms of operation and features, to cookies, but, contrary to cookies, the data in Local Storage is stored perpetually, i.e. it does not have an expiry date. Moreover, the data stored in Local Storage is not sent from an end device to the server automatically, like in the case of cookies, but may only be retrieved through the website which had previously saved it.
      8. Using the tools provided by any browser available on the market, you can at any time change privacy settings concerning cookies and other technologies used to store data (including Local Storage), in particular so as to block their automatic support in the settings of individual browsers or plug-ins, or, depending on the technology and tool used, be notified each time cookies are placed in the user’s end device. Detailed information on cookie capabilities and support is available in the settings of individual browsers and plug-ins. However, changing the settings may cause certain difficulties in using the Service and its individual functionalities.
  2. Furthermore, OnLive LTD may use the collected data:
    1. to develop new functionalities as part of the provided service or to improve the service;
    2. to develop new services;
    3. to protect OnLive LTD’s rights;
    4. as necessary for fulfilment of legally justified goals of OnLive LTD or data recipients, provided that the processing does not infringe upon the rights and freedom of the affected individual.

§ 2 Disclosure of Data by OnLive LTD

  1. OnLive LTD guarantees that the provided personal data will not be disclosed to third parties, unless:
    1. the obligation to disclose personal data results from legal regulations in force or where the data is disclosed in order to protect OnLive LTD’s rights or settle a dispute; or
    2. the user gives their consent to disclosing the personal data to third parties.
  2. However, OnLive LTD stipulates that:
    1. personal data will be disclosed to the third parties which help OnLive LTD perform certain functions as necessary for conducting business activity, e.g. settle or send prizes in competitions. OnLive LTD exercises due care so that the third parties which personal data is disclosed to, for the purpose indicated above, treat it in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the applicable legal regulations;
    2. data other than personal data may be disclosed to third parties and OnLive LTD’s current or potential business partners in an aggregated form, which characterises a user population;
    3. personal data and data other than personal data may be disclosed to third parties in the event that the user uses applications made available by third parties, of which the user is informed before they start to use the given application. In such case, the data from OnLive LTD’s ICT system is disclosed at the user’s request and risk.

§ 3 User Rights Related to Personal Data

OnLive LTD ensures that the rights of users providing their personal data to OnLive LTD, resulting from applicable legal regulations, will be observed, including the right to demand supplementing, updating and correcting of personal data, temporary or permanent suspension of its processing or removal if it is incomplete, outdated, false, was collected against the law, or is no longer relevant for the purpose for which it was collected. The user has the right to remove their personal data at any time. To do this, one should take the steps set out in the OnLive LTD’s Terms of Service. Note that the personal data collected automatically may not be changed or deleted. If the user considers such solution insufficient, they may apply to OnLive LTD in writing.

§ 4 Security of Personal Data

OnLive LTD uses technical and organisational means to secure, as effectively as possible, the personal data collected by OnLive LTD against unauthorised access or misuse by unauthorised individuals. The applied technical means are improved with technological advancements, the available security solutions, and as needed. The applied organisational means ensure that within OnLive LTD’s structure, only the individuals authorised by OnLive LTD have access to the user’s personal data. OnLive LTD regularly controls the compliance of its activities with the applicable legal regulations and this Privacy Policy. OnLive LTD cooperates with public institutions responsible for controlling the collection and processing of personal data and always implements their recommendations, if any.

§ 5 Changes to Privacy Policy

Technology advancement may result in changes to this Privacy Policy, which OnLive LTD will inform of.

§ 6 Additional Information

If you have any questions or doubts concerning this Privacy Policy, contact OnLive LTD by e-mail at: help@on.live