Easy English By Emi

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Hi Everyone! My name is Emilia and since I was a child I am totally obssesed with English language. I have tried many techniques and methods and now I can share my knowledge by using the most effective and tailored for your needs ones. All are welcome :)
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General English

All levels! Bulding or improving your skills in speaking, writing and reading. more

30 min 13.00 ONL

Business English

Communication in business environment, corpo-language, preparing presentations etc. more

45 min 20.00 ONL

Vacation course

Quick and easy way to learn English before your holiday - common language, emergency etc. more

35 min 10.00 ONL


Build your confidence by improving your conversation skill - you can choose the topics :) more

60 min 15.00 ONL

Check your level - build a plan

Let's define what your English level is! more

25 min 5.00 ONL

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