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Hi Everyone! My name is Emilia and since I was a child I am totally obssesed with English language. I have tried many techniques and methods and now I can share my knowledge by using the most effective and tailored for your needs ones. All are welcome :)
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About this channel

Learning about English culture and English language, has been my passion since I was 6 years old (!). I have graduated multiple language courses, English-language high school, studied in English and for all this time searching for all opportunities to learn and understand this beautiful and one of the most spoken language in the world.

Now when I'm older, living in one of the English-speaking country and gathering more and more experience everyday, I want to share my knowledge with you!

!! If you have tried all learning techniques and you're still pretending to have a frog in your throat when someone ask you a question in English, take this opportunity and join me in your skill improvement journey


if you do not have any experience at all, my proprietary course will be your perfect start!

What you can achieve:

  • build self-confidence in speaking and writing in English;
  • develop comprehensive communication skills;
  • improve and progress your listening and reading skills.

We can work together on your:

--> General language skill:

- we will be reading English books, newspapers and press releases. Yes - there will a homework from time to time :)
- we will be writing not only letters and stories, but poems and rhymes as well. Yes - you will express yourself :)
- we will be playing roles, talking, laughing and singing you want!

All to make you feel comfortable, confident and couaregous in English!

--> Business English:

By working for one the biggest insurance company in Europe and being a member of management team, I have gathered a practical knowledge of English 'Corpo-language', making presentations, running meetings, trainings and leading business negotiations! 

- you will learn effective communication in business enviroment;
- you will improve your grammar skills and useful definitions of business language world;
- you will learn how to prepare presentations and simply how to effectively present them in front ofthe audience (promotion guaranted! :))

If you already are a business shark, we will tailored all these lessons especially for your needs or for you businesses. 
There are no limits! You are the Boss here!

--> Conversation skill:

Silence is golden? No! Talk, talk, talk and hold the floor!
Talking, speaking, address, dissertate ... There are many words to describe this special body ability. 

Improving your speaking skills is the best way to make yourself more confident and it is a great start to go deeper into the language learning.

--> Vacation course:

London with friends in 3 weeks from today? Feeling panic, stressed or desperated? 
No worries, I'll take it! 

Work with me and I will teach you most often use idioms, common language, what to say in emergency situations or simply ask:
Can I have a beer please? :)

Join me, relax and have fun - let the 'English be your oyster' :)



General English

All levels! Bulding or improving your skills in speaking, writing and reading. more

30 min 13.00 ONL

Business English

Communication in business environment, corpo-language, preparing presentations etc. more

45 min 20.00 ONL

Vacation course

Quick and easy way to learn English before your holiday - common language, emergency etc. more

35 min 10.00 ONL


Build your confidence by improving your conversation skill - you can choose the topics :) more

60 min 15.00 ONL

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